The National Commissioner for Digital Government (Digi-commissioner)

The National Commissioner for Digital Government (Digi-commissioner)

The National Commissioner for Digital Government (Digi-commissioner)


Bas Eenhoorn (1946) is the National Commissioner for Digital Government (Digi-commissioner). He was appointed by the Dutch Parliament in August 2014. The Digi-commissioners task is to develop a Generic Digital Infrastructure (GDI) that has a high level of operational excellence. The GDI provides government bodies with the basic digital platform to help them organise their primary processes. Thanks to the common use of the GDI, people experience coherence in the government’s services, and a uniform way of communication.

The motivation to have a central coordinating governance structure for the Generic Digital Infrastructure is that “the (digital) service provisioning of the government as a whole (local governments, national government, executing organisations) to citizens and businesses must comply to demands of continuity, trustworthiness, security, privacy, helps diminishing of regulation, the prevention of fraud and supports economic development. Therefore it is necessary to make the Dutch government wide digital basic infrastructure robust and future proof, to strengthen the steering on it with a fitting governance and funding arrangement and to formulate a strong government wide agenda to make the use of the digital services more attractive and let this use grow.”



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